Last Updated on July 6, 2023

Nestled on the scenic coast of Holbox Island, Mexico located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea about 25 miles north of Cancun, Ser Casasandra is the ideal home for nature lovers. For summer 2023, Ser Casasandra unveils the ultimate package to immerse guests in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, making it possible to swim with whale sharks and connect with the entire surrounding environment. 

From June to September, whale sharks visit the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to feed on plankton. The island of Holbox is internationally recognised as the perfect spot for travellers to see the gentle giants in such proximity.

Wildlife Not as You Know It package presents a unique experience to guests, thanks to whale sharks and other ocean dwellers such as turtles, barracuda and stingrays and incorporates a sustainable approach to protect the wellbeing of wildlife. From snorkelling with dolphins to watching over 150 species of birds in the trees, the boutique property enables guests to witness wildlife in its rawest but most beautiful form.

The uniqueness of the package comes from the protection efforts the property is working towards. While swimming with the whale sharks, the guests must keep a minimum distance of 5 meters from the animals, while 10 meter distance is required from the boat. The entry into the water is controlled, and diving is forbidden. The instructors, that are permanently present during the experience, take care that guests do not use any devices to produce noise that might disturb the wildlife, as well as no touching is allowed towards the animals or the corals.  

Another highlight of the swim with whale sharks package is the bioluminescence tour on the shoreline. Bioluminescence is a biochemical emission of light caused by living organisms, which creates a glowing and twinkling effect in the water. Experiences, like this one, that are included come with knowledgeable guides to explain each rare phenomenon and educate guests on local conservation efforts.

Nature is the heart of Ser Casasandra. Lying within the Yum Balam reserve, in the Yucatán Peninsula, locals have established vast ecological conservation which protects a variety of animals and fishes on the island.

The Wildlife Not as You Know It package starts from $ 2,360 and it’s specially offered from June 15 to September 15 and includes, besides personalized concierge service, 3 nights in the category of choice and round trip transfer. Discounted experiences included in the package are:

  • Welcome cocktail Casasandra
  • Continental breakfast
  • Swim with whale sharks tour and snorkelling to Cabo Catoche (Included box lunch and drinks)
  • Bioluminescence experience
  • Tequila tasting in Tequila O’clock bar (An exclusive spot to discover the great flavors of authentic tequila)
  • Guided walk to know the town of Holbox and its origins.
  • Yoga classes in the mornings
  • Bicycles to explore the island

This unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks is for those who wish to update their bucket-list with a once in a lifetime visit under the sea. Ser Casasandra lets guests explore wildlife and local culture without compromising what luxury has to offer.

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