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Ancient Mayan ruins, at least 6,000 fascinating cenotes, jungles, mouth-watering international dining with a local flair, shopping, and some of the best Caribbean beaches in the world. This is what draws visitors to Mexico’s Riviera Maya. 

In fact, according to Expedia, the Riviera Maya popped up as the most-searched-for destination for spring getaways. And for good reason.

With miles of stunning beachfront, you can slip your toes in the sand or find your happy place at one of the three rooftop pools of IPANA when you book your stay at Sueños de Playa B-205.

Best Condos in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen vacation rental overlooking Cozumel. Photo by Dede Fulk.
Playa del Carmen vacation rental pool. Photo by Dede Fulk.

IPANA, located in the hip beach town of Playa del Carmen, is just a block from extremely popular pedestrian Fifth Avenue. And just 1,100 feet from the sand, you’ll discover you’re at the center of it all. But with just enough seclusion to relax, rejuvenate, or rediscover yourself.

“Sueños de Playa” is less than an hour from the fascinating towns of Cancun, Tulum, or a ferry ride to the neighboring island of Cozumel. You’ll experience four very different lifestyles if you visit the area. Cancun is more of a party town, Playa is more laid back, Cozumel is its own unique isle, and Tulum offers a bohemian vibe with some incredible Mayan ruins.

Taking the Plunge to Own in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen vacation rental master bedroom. Photo by Dede Fulk.
Playa del Carmen vacation rental master bedroom. Photo by Dede Fulk.

When my husband and I finally had the funds to own a piece of paradise with two terraces, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a sky bar overlooking the Caribbean Sea, I quickly said “Where do I sign?”

Yep, I gave up the painful Arizona history of low-income rentals, of disposals sitting in the front yard, late rent checks, and evictions. I replaced it with a vacation rental in one of the best Caribbean destinations in the world, Playa del Carmen. Something that eight years ago was only a dream.

Fast forward to March 2021. With anticipation, some trepidations, and yes, shaky hands, we signed the closing papers and held the keys to our first global real estate property.

Now came the fun part. Selecting the right furniture to appeal to Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Mexicans that flock to this destination all year round.

Mayan Vibes in our Sueños de Playa Vacation Rental

Playa del Carmen vacation rental master bathroom. Photo by Dede Fulk.
Playa del Carmen vacation rental master bathroom. Photo by Dede Fulk.

We spent eight straight days shopping for furnishings for our new abode. It was challenging when the palm trees swaying in the wind seduces us, brilliantly colored cenotes waited for our visits, and the 84 to 86-degree ocean water lapped up onto the white sand. 

But we knew that creating the right ambiance was so important. We wanted a unique look. No furniture packages. We felt like the three bears trying out beds and sitting on various pieces of furniture. Mexico loves their firm mattresses, but we chose bedding that wasn’t too soft or too hard. Next, we measured walls for backsplashes, TVs, and artwork.

We stopped at every furniture store in Playa del Carmen looking for that perfect Mayan vibe. A mere 100 feet from one store, we noticed wooden planks and round pieces of wood leaning upright. It reminded me of the natural Mayan furniture I find so appealing.

We just had to check it out!

The Perfect Custom-Made Furniture

Playa del Carmen vacation rental family room. Photo by Dede Fulk.
Playa del Carmen vacation rental family room. Photo by Dede Fulk.

MABA Carpinteria is literally a fringed palapa on the side of 307 Federal Highway. And this is the place that created our beautiful custom-made furniture.

Locals had already informed us that choosing soft or non-tropical woods eventually crumble and entice pesky termites.  We discovered that MABA works with the durable Parota wood that does well with the local humidity. We couldn’t wait to see our furnished table and chairs, accent furniture, and headboard with its bold, striking grain, carved into a Dorado fish.

We returned to the Carpinteria four times and each time their craftsmanship mesmerized. I provided them photos and armed with “Google Translate” as my best friend, we conveyed exactly what we were looking for. A mere two weeks later MABA delivered two gorgeous full-length mirrors surrounding with tropical sculpted wood.

We were thrilled with the results.  

Resort Style Living at its Best

Here at Siempre Playa in the IPANA development, owners and guests find the best of both worlds. 1,000 square feet of personal living space with all the amenities of resort-style living.

The property’s courtyard sits below the master bedroom terrace of our Sueños de Playa B-205. It’s the perfect place to relax and people watch. In the courtyard, guests can grab a cup of coffee or dine at the restaurant, shop in boutique luxury stores or enjoy the marketplace.  

As we stepped out of the elevator on the 6th floor of the resort, ocean breezes blew through my hair. The scent of salt water wafted through the air. Brushing the hair from my eyes I saw three rooftop pools, a sports bar, and a sky bar. Music videos played while the bartender concocted intoxicating cocktails at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the states.

Clear glass panels surrounding the rooftop provide a full 360-degree view. Gazing over the edge of the pool, we could see the courtyard below with its tropical foliage and water features. The island of Cozumel peeked through the horizon. As dusk arrived, the lights of the buildings shimmered on the island waters.

Cardio or spa enthusiasts can enjoy the resort’s rooftop wellness experiences. In addition, IPANA features full concierge services and a kids club.

Of utmost importance for owners and guests, the resort has full 24-hour security. With so many amenities and stunning views, Mexican Riviera living and vacationing just doesn’t get any better than this.

Welcoming Guests to our Playa del Carmen Vacation Rental

Playa del Carmen vacation rental kitchen. Photo by Dede Fulk.
Playa del Carmen vacation rental kitchen. Photo by Dede Fulk.

Trading in those long-term rentals in the Arizona desert for the pristine beaches of Playa del Carmenwas the best decision ever. And it’s so exciting to welcome guests to our piece of Riviera Maya paradise.

With its perfect location close to the cenotes, Mayan ruins, lush jungles, and a foodie’s dream come true, Playa del Carmen provides visitors an unforgettable experience.

Walking, taxis, and colectivos are the best way to get around the area. We do recommend passing on car rentals. Parking isn’t the easiest around Fifth Avenue or the beaches of Playa del Carmen. However, should you decide to rent a vehicle to explore the area, we do provide underground parking. It’s on a first-come first-serve basis but an unbeatable amenity compared to the option of paid parking.

To feed your wanderlust, consider planning your next vacation with us in the magnificent Riviera Maya.

Explore. Dream. Discover—when you stay at Sueños de Playa B-205. Hop on a plane to Cancun, Mexico and let your adventures begin.

We love our Riviera Maya home, and so enjoy sharing it with others.

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