Ser Casasandra, the ideal home in Holbox, announces the opening of AHAL Holistic Center. Holbox is an island just off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico about 50 miles northwest of Cancun.

The project is unique on the island, being the first of its kind, and presents the perfect place for both travelers and locals to find healing and well-being. The ethos of Ser Casasandra is deeply rooted within the mission of the center and looks at three interconnected pillars: art, community, and spirituality.

Mayan Inspiration

With Mayan tradition at heart, Ser Casasandra looks at the belief in the power of healing both the body and the mind. Therefore, AHAL is the Mayan translation of AWAKENING, the recognition of SER- a glimpse of infinite potential. The new center presents a refuge through the space and facilities to practice alternative healing therapies, ideal for removing stress and releasing physical and mental tension. 

“AHAL is a center whose mission is to accompany the healing process of people of Holbox too,” Sandra Perez (Habiramy), the creator of Ser Casasandra, said. “For us, the community is key, and everyone that in Holbox, whether travelers or locals, is part of our SER Family.” 

Sandra’s deep dive into non-duality and Advaita Vedanta began more than 20 years ago. Her own path of spiritual growth was the original inspiration to create a comprehensive wellness program, able to accompany everyone who yearns to reach the ultimate state of peace, in an atmosphere of tranquility and stillness. 


AHAL Holistic Center at Ser Casasandra resort in Holbox, Mexico.
AHAL Holistic Center at Ser Casasandra resort in Holbox, Mexico. Photo credit Ser Casasandra.

The new building has been developed with the structure of two maritime containers, often abandoned in warehouses and port terminals, a sustainable architecture that reuses metal structures to create innovative spaces. Depending on their location and orientation on the hotel grounds and the climatic factors of the region, the spaces were complemented with easy-to-execute insulation solutions and typical materials from the region. 

The construction of the space has been undergoing for the latest months and supervised by Dupla Design- Sandra Perez and Aymee Falcon.

Wellness Programs

Immersed in nature, surrounded by the vibrant hotel gardens, the new Holistic Center has been built in the outdoor areas. The facilities are generating new areas for therapies, massage consultations, group talks, conferences, creative workshops, spaces for yoga classes, and Pilates. For guests’ comfort, the space is equipped with air conditioning, to support the calm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Daily and weekly wellness programs

The experience and capacity of the therapists at the Holistic Center make it possible to carry out therapies in complex systems such as the venous or lymphatic. At Ahal, the deep treatments are provided with very well-defined objectives and specific techniques, without any risk to the client. 
From the treatments available, guests can opt from a wide range of massages: Lymphatic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage with Aromatherapy, Relaxing Massage, Specialized Massage Lymphatic Drainage, and Specialized Massage of the Muscular System. Moreover, Osteopathy, Cryotherapy and Craniosacral Therapy are at one’s disposal. 
One of the most complete therapeutic methods practised at Ahal is Synchrodynamics. This energetic technique, which studies the psychosomatic processes between the mind and the body, is the result of the joint work of the osteopath Juan Miguel Sánchez and the founder of Ahal, Habiramy, who for years have developed a deep investigation in the field of internal search.

Monthly frequency wellness programs

Ser Casasandra’s wellness programs are personalized therapeutic plans based on the needs of those who request them, whether they are a hotel guest, or any other person interested in receiving specialized care.
Each program starts with an initial consultation with the holistic center therapist. In this meeting, a general approach to the patient is made, the objectives of the therapy are stated and the plan to be followed is recommended.

These treatments can focus on the psychic, physical and even psychosomatic levels. The duration of the programs can vary according to the needs of each person, although it is recommended to carry out at least three days of therapy.

These can include:

  • Meditation and synchrodynamic talks with members of the community and guests of Ser Casasandra.
  • Virtual meetings related to the wellness programs that are worked on in the hotel.
  • Wellness programs available throughout the year (personalized treatments)

Yoga practices and ancestral ceremonies

Throughout the year, Ahal’s yoga teacher and collaborator, Luchi Bogner, conducts yoga sessions for all levels, teaches dance workshops, and practices ancient healing rituals (Moon Ceremony and Cacao Ceremony). Yoga programs available per day are:

Monday: Yoga love and flow
Tuesday: Yoga dance
Wednesday: Vinyasa Yoga
Thursday: Hatha Yoga
Friday: Meditation
Saturday: Vinyasa Yoga
Sunday: Hatha yoga
Laura Samper, a yoga, meditation and tantra teacher, reiki master, medicine woman and Wataflow instructor with 10 years of experience in the field of well-being, performs different therapies throughout the year, among which are practices specifically aimed at couples and women such:

  • water therapy
  • energy cleansing
  • Surrender to love (Therapy for women)
  • Renew your love (Therapy for couples)
  • yoga in the sea

About Ser Casasandra

The boutique resort Ser Casasandra has 17 rooms and suites, as well as a private villa, with a modern, yet rustic style defined by its handmade Mexican and Cuban interiors, along with the works of art of its Cuban artist creator Sandra Perez Lozano.

At AHAL centre, SPA and well-being experiences are the first of their kind on the island. The programs are run by Juan Miguel, creator of the synchrodynamic method, and Elena, creator of the Sweet Gymnastics method.

Ser Casasandra allows guests to immerse themselves in the outstanding natural beauty of the resort, whilst taking part in truly bespoke activities. Outdoor activities include snorkeling and diving, whale shark and dolphin watching.

Reservations and additional information for Ser Casasandra, including full buyouts of the hotel or corporate retreats, can be found at

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