Transformational retreats and psychedelic immersions are two of the top travel trends in 2023, according to Conde Nast Traveler. After traveling for entertainment, leisure and reunion after the Covid-19 pandemic, 2023 will be the year coined for traveling for personal growth and psychedelic retreats incorporating psilocybin mushrooms are a tool to help people achieve a positive life-changing experience. 

As psychedelics continue to gain acceptance, more people are seeking effective therapies that address the root of their depression, anxiety, PTSD or other conditions. For many, this has led them to psilocybin-assisted therapy experienced through dedicated retreats. As a leader in wellness tourism and the longest-running retreat of its kind, MycoMeditations has helped over 1,500 people through its legal psychedelic retreats using psilocybin mushrooms in Treasure Beach, Jamaica – with benefits that have a profound positive impact on mental health lasting beyond check out.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy

In its pursuit of a gold-standard retreat model, MycoMeditations reviewed and adapted the best practices for psychedelic-assisted therapy from prestigious research institutes such as Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London to create its proven and evidence-based healing retreats that offer solutions for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions. 

MycoMeditations offers three tiers of supervised psilocybin-assisted seaside sanctuaries and retreat packages, Classic, Comfort and Concierge levels, in stunning Jamaica, where the use of psilocybin and psilocybin mushrooms is legally permitted. The tranquil outdoor setting of the retreats enhances the experience by combining psilocybin therapy with beautiful natural environments. This allows guests to connect with the rhythms and cadences of the ocean under a blue sky while enjoying moments of pristine solitude balanced by the energy of good company. 

All retreat guests receive three psilocybin mushroom sessions in conjunction with group therapy, coupled with beautiful accommodations, three meals per day and massages. The retreat team ratio is approximately one staff member for every two guests, and includes a full team of facilitators, licensed therapists, social workers, nurses and a psychiatrist. 

Having garnered a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and Google, MycoMeditations is driven by its commitment to create a gold-standard experience for psilocybin-assisted group therapy and creating new avenues for psychedelic treatment. 

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