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In another boon for paradise-seeking travelers, the island nation of Fiji has reopened its doors to the world after nearly two years of isolation from tourism. For Americans looking to escape wintry weather, an island vacation at a luxury resort in Fiji is just the ticket to the always-perfect South Pacific––an easy 10-hour nonstop flight time from both LA and San Francisco.

As Fiji’s most sophisticated private island resort for types of travelers spread across 225 acres of pristine beachfront paradise, VOMO Island Fiji is known for embodying heartfelt luxury, offering guests the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime secluded South Pacific escape.

This luxury resort in Fiji was created to be chic and organic with VOMO’s collection of luxury private residences ideal for guests seeking a more secluded, personal experience, inclusive of butler service and all with generous beach frontage & swimming pools.  Each of VOMO’s residences are privately built and owned and are available to book on a minimum of 3 nights. As with all of VOMO’s six residences, each has dining and lounge rooms and a full kitchen, with Chefs to provide private catering upon request. 

Luxury Fiji resort with World-Class Accommodations

Exuding a cool, understated elegance with 100 meters of beachfront overlooking the Yasawa Islands, VOMO’s largest private residence in its luxury Fiji resort, Reef House, officially debuted November 2022. Designed by Architecture Building Culture’s Co-Founder Mark Richie, Reef House is a five-bedroom luxury masterpiece, with design hints of contemporary Oceania. It is the most architecturally advanced and extravagant of any luxury resort in Fiji with accommodations for up to 10 people of any age. 

Reef House was the second Luxury Fiji resort residence opened by VOMO in 2022 following Talei Taki which debuted in March. Meaning “Precious Place.” the stunning four-bedroom vacation home is thoughtfully designed by the award-winning design team out of New Zealand, JCY Architects, led by Jason Gerrand.  With a focus on environmentally sustainable design practices, Jason worked with natural timbers throughout to create the ultimate luxe tropical living space, featuring a 14-meter infinity pool set amidst the Dilo Tress with vistas to the Yasawa Islands.

A rendering of VOMO’s Reef House
A rendering of VOMO’s Reef House

Restoring and Preserving the Environment

Leading the way in its endeavour to ensure the preservation of its beautiful habitat in the South Pacific,VOMO Island Fiji is one of the island’s biggest supporters of sustainability, placing emphasis on teaching travelers how to travel responsibly with its year-round eco-friendly practices, including:

  • During the dormant months of the pandemic, VOMO opened an automated freshwater bottling plant that provides guests with purified drinking water in sealed reusable glass bottles.
  • The island installed eWater Systems in their kitchens that turns desalinated water into cleaning products, thus eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and plastic bottles. The eWater generators use salt, water, and electricity to produce registered and certified hygiene solutions for cleaning and sanitizing on demand and without negative impact on the marine environment.
  • VOMO has also eradicated the use of small single bottles of toiletries and replaced all with a locally made organic product called NAMA. The exclusive VOMO scented soap, lotion, and hair products are bottled into locally made Fijian pottery for guest bathrooms. 

Rates for VOMO’s Resort Villas begin at $1,048 USD per night with a 2-night stay minimum. Private Beachfront Residences begin at $3,688 USD with a 3-night stay minimum. Rates at these luxury resorts in Fiji include all meals and non-alcoholic beverages at the resort’s restaurants and bars. For bookings or further information on VOMO Island Fiji’s latest developments, please visit: and follow them on Instagram

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