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When I can stay at a hotel immersed in history, I’m in my happy place. So it was with my wife and my weekend at the Hassayampa Inn, Prescott, AZ  historic hotel.

Prescott is known as “Everybody’s Hometown.” The area was long inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Yavapai and Apache peoples, before the arrival of European settlers in the mid-1800s.

In 1863, a group of explorers camped near Prescott’s present-day location and recognized its potential as a desirable site for a new settlement. The following year, a gold rush in the nearby Bradshaw Mountains brought a bow wave of prospectors and settlers to the area.

The town was founded in 1864 as the capital of the Arizona Territory, and was named after renowned historian William H. Prescott. It played a significant role in the development of the American Southwest during the territorial days of the Wild West era.

Today, the city embraces its Old West past with a historic downtown area showcasing many well-preserved Victorian-era buildings from this time.

Prescott Climate and Geography

Situated in the Bradshaw Mountains at an elevation of around 5,400 feet, Prescott enjoys a mild four-season climate. Summers are generally warm and dry, while winters are cool with occasional snowfall.

The surrounding area is known for its picturesque landscapes, including granite mountains, pine forests, and several pristine lakes.

History of the Hassayampa Inn

Bellying up to the bar at the famous Palace Restaurant and Saloon, Whiskey Row, Prescott, AZ.
Bellying up to the bar at the famous Palace Restaurant and Saloon, Whiskey Row, Prescott, AZ. Photo by Noreen Kompanik

Built in 1927, the Hassayampa Inn sits in the heart of downtown Prescott. The beautifully restored inn enjoys a rich history and is known for its unique architectural style and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The inn originally served as a luxury hotel for travelers and visitors to Prescott. It was designed in the Mission Revival style, featuring stucco walls, red tile roofs, and decorative accents.

The hotel’s name, “Hassayampa,” is derived from a Native American word meaning “the river that runs upside down,” referring to a local legend about a river that vanished underground.

Throughout its fascinating past, the Hassayampa Inn has hosted notable guests, including celebrities, politicians, and even U.S. presidents. The hotel has undergone several renovations and updates over the years, but has retained much of its original style and character.

Staying at the Hassayampa Inn

Queen room at Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel.
Queen room at Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel. Photo courtesy of Hassayampa Inn

Today, Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel continues serving as a full-service downtown inn featuring a variety of room types, including 67 suites and guestrooms where historic touches blend with modern amenities.

Each cozy, turn-of-the-century, queen or king room includes antique furnishings and classic décor reflecting a romantic Southwest style.

The expansive lobby is elegant and welcoming.Highceilings adorned with decorative molding, large windows allowing natural light to fill the room and historic chandeliers are all impressive touches. Seating areas include plush sofas and armchairs arranged in groupings that invite guests to gather, socialize or simply unwind, especially around its roaring fireplace.

Lobby furniture is upholstered in rich fabrics, and art and decorative accents are displayed throughout the space. Paintings, sculptures and historical photographs provide a glimpse into Prescott’s interesting heritage and culture.

Other amenities include complimentary parking, an onsite fitness center, and for those who love traveling with their fur babies, dogs up to 45 pounds can stay for free at the inn.

I have to say for the quality of this incredibly impressive inn, prices are surprisingly reasonable as rates typically start at only $89 per night (dates and season dependent).

An added benefit to staying at the Hassayampa is it’s only a five-minute walk to Prescott’s historic Whiskey Row where cowboys and gold prospectors extravagantly spent their hard-earned riches in its many saloons and brothels. Today, the courthouse and several saloons harken back to these wild and raucous times.

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Is the Inn Haunted?

Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel has a reputation for being associated with hauntings and paranormal activity. Many of the associated stories revolve around specific rooms or areas, with guests reporting unexplained sounds, flickering lights, or simply the sensation of being watched.

A popular legend involves the ghostly apparition of a woman known as “Faith” who is said to have fallen to her death from one of the upper floors.

While these stories add to the hotel’s mystique and may attract those interested in the paranormal, it’s important to recognize that they are part of the hotel’s folklore rather than verified historical events. Much to my dismay and my wife’s delight, we did not experience any unusual ghostly encounters.

Dining at Hassayampa Inn

Outdoor Dining under the stars at Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel.
Outdoor Dining under the stars. Photo courtesy of Hassayampa Inn

The Peacock Room is Hassayampa Inn’s signature dining establishment, known for its lovely Art Deco atmosphere and delectable cuisine.

Peacock Room’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus showcase American dishes with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Entrees are expertly crafted by skilled chefs, combining flavors, textures, and presentation to create a memorable dining experience. The menu often features a variety of options, including seafood, meats, vegetarian choices, and indulgent desserts.

The restaurant’s elegant and inviting ambiance complements its culinary offerings. Décor includes tasteful artwork, stylish furnishings, and soft lighting, providing a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere that reflects the hotel’s Old West appeal. Attentive and professional staff ensures that guests are well taken care of throughout their dining experience.

Hassayampa Inn’s Glass Bar is an ideal place to chill and relax with a cocktail after a day of outdoor activities. This cheerful spot features ornate carved-wood ceilings and other historic touches. Live music is offered every night of the week, and in the summer, guests can sip cocktails and dine under the stars, accompanied by more live performances.

Every fourth Sunday, afternoon high tea is also served. Reservations are required.

Hassayampa Inn Prescott, AZ historic hotel is a delight that perfectly fits the Victorian and Old West flavor of Arizona’s first capital city.

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