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The spectacular red rocks of Sedona, AZ remain one of my favorite sights in the world. Since moving to Scottsdale 20 years ago, I have made the little over two-hour drive many times to indulge in marvels of nature that I could never have imagined growing up in Chicago. The color of the rock formations sprinkled with desert flora invokes a sense of awe and tranquility.

The Wilde Resort and Spa promised, and delivered, accommodations to maintain that peace and beauty with its landscaping, décor, and amenities. Located in West Sedona, it lies outside the main tourist hub, but still provides easy access to hiking trails, viewpoints, shopping, and restaurants.

A small lobby includes a reception desk and a marketplace for grabbing snacks. Outside in the center courtyard, young spruce trees surround two seating areas with a gas fireplace. A fountain guarded the courtyard entrance and provided a lovely soundscape.

My Luxurious Suite

Living and dining room area of The Wilde Resort and Spa in Sedona suite.
Living and dining room area of The Wilde Resort and Spa in Sedona suite. Photo by Judy Karnia

My suite was furnished as if it was someone’s treasured condo, decorated by an interior designer, rather than a cookie-cutter hotel room. A spacious bedroom sits off a living and dining area. A mixture of patterns adorned the dresser, chair, curtains, carpet and ornate headboard.

Various tiles and artwork graced the walls. A vertical eye-level gas fireplace is located in both the living room and master bedroom.

A comfortable grey fabric couch and rust-colored armchairs were arranged for conversation facing a large flat-screen TV. The black wooden console table under the television contained three drawers with iron handles.

Six high-backed fabric chairs surround a rectangular dining room table next to the patio doors.

The tile above the double sink in the en-suite bathroom resembled tiny tan and white brickwork. A huge walk-in shower with a full-length glass wall and door held a rain shower as well as a standard shower head. The wooden bench in the shower came in handy as I was still recovering from a broken leg and worried about slipping. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers added to a luxury hotel touch feel. An elegant oval bathtub next to the shower inspired me to plan a return visit when I felt more secure on my feet.

A second full bath is located just inside the suite’s entrance.

A Private Patio

Doors leading from the bedroom and dining area led to a view of Thunder Mountain behind the resort. Each side of the patio had two wide wicker chairs with white cushions and matching ottoman and a side table.

Just beyond the patio, reddish flagstones lead up to the Grove area landscaped with cacti, shrubs, and flowering trees. This common area features four round gas fire pits, a small lawn area with a corn hole set, an oversized Connect Four game and two hammocks.

At the back, a labyrinth with a small gravel path wound between irregularly sized and shaped rocks.

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Labyrinth Meditation

The Labyrinth at The Wilde Resort in Sedona.
The Labyrinth at The Wilde Resort in Sedona. Photo by Judy Karnia

In the morning, I participated in the Labyrinth Meditation. Our guide led us to the center of the labyrinth where we did cleansed breathing, raising our arms to the side then pushing down in front of our bodies. At the center, we sat on the ground while she softly led a mediation, bringing our awareness to our senses and our connection to the earth.

I could feel the energy of the surrounding red rocks and the earth beneath me. I felt like I was the point at the top of the globe absorbing the energy of the universe. As we slowly winded our way back through the labyrinth, I felt so in touch with the nature around me.

Grasshoppers resting in the middle of the path leaped out of the way, representing obstacles in my life moving aside if I kept a steady path. Before each turn, I took a cleansing breath and then followed the curve to change my direction.

Wilde Haven Spa

During my stay, I indulged in two incredible spa treatments at Wilde Haven Spa. Robin, the spa manager, welcomed me at the reception desk in a small shop with beauty and health care products, jewelry, and clothing for sale. She showed me around and left me to change into a plush robe. A steam room and shower room with two individual showers are also located here.

The relaxation room contained four forest-green loungers each with a plush tan blanket and four cushy chairs. A fountain lent an air of tranquility with its soft burbling and serene Buddha. I was still wearing a brace on my lower leg and everyone was so accommodating, taking me upstairs in the elevator rather than using the tall winding staircase.

After my treatment, I chose the White Ambrosia tea from the assortment of Ambassador’s White Lion Traditional Tea. Cucumber water was also available. The spa also houses a fitness center with Peloton bikes, treadmills, dumbbells, and yoga mats for resort guests.

Moon Chasing Sun Stone Facial

Lisa welcomed me to her tranquil room and invited me to lay under a sheet and blanket on an S-shaped thick cushioned bed as soft spa music set the tone. Throughout the treatment, she kept checking in on how I was feeling, adjusting the bed and cushioning to make me more comfortable.

She applied products to my face and neck several times. A steamer blew gently into my face and then a device gently massaged my face helping to drain my lymphatics and any swelling. Hot and cold stones further relaxed my facial muscles, and a hot stone massage soothed my hands and feet.

Afterward, the bags usually under my eyes had completely disappeared and my face was incredibly soft and glowing. I felt so relaxed during and after the treatment, the feeling lingering for the rest of the evening and into the following morning.

Seven Sacred Pools Treatment

Yoko started my second treatment – Seven Sacred Pools – by presenting me with a bowl with aromatic oil to match each of the seven chakras. She held up a symbol on a background with the color relating to each chakra and related a few affirmations with each.

She then performed a full body massage with the oils and chanted or occasionally performed reiki. She was very gentle around my recovering surgery site on my lower leg but still relaxed my tense muscles. The treatment left me completely relaxed.

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Dining at Rascal Restaurant

On my first evening at The Wilde Resort and Spa in Sedona, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the resort’s restaurant Rascal which pays homage to the all-day American diner and features Arizona artisanal cheeses and local organic produce. It was nice not having to wander far for a great meal.  

Being on a restrictive diet at the time of my visit was no problem since my server assisted in finding a meal that would fit the requirements. I ordered a meatless patty in a lettuce wrap with grilled asparagus. The meatless patty, with hempseed, corn, and finely chopped veggies had an almost crunchy texture that fit well with the crisp asparagus.

I splurged on a glass of Malbec and later a warm, moist, rich chocolate cake topped with a thick, frosting-like sauce and whipped cream.

Exploring Sedona

View of Thunder Mountain near Sedona, AZ.
View of Thunder Mountain near Sedona, AZ. Photo by Judy Karnia

Venturing out for breakfast I only had to walk a few minutes down the block to experience a Sedona favorite, the Coffee Pot Restaurant. The dining room was only about half-full when I arrived, but by the time I left, a line of people was waiting outside the door. The menu offered 101 options for omelets.

Of course, Sedona offers many spectacular hiking trails for all levels. If you’re driving up from Phoenix, stop at the ranger’s station along Highway 179 for recommendations and a map.

Red Rock State Park is less than a 15-minute drive west of The Wilde. The visitors center has interesting information about the geology, flora, and fauna of the area and a stunning view from its roof. There are several paths here, all easy to moderate, and the drive along Red Rock Loop Road is scenic.

The Sedona Heritage Museum provides an interesting look at the life of Sedona’s first settlers. The main part of the museum consists of the house in which the Jordan family lived. Several small rooms were built out of wood with solid doors containing large tongue and groove locks. The outer buildings retain a rustic, aged feel and housed interesting farm implements, a fire engine, and a buggy.

The main tourist strip of Sedona contains restaurants, shops, and places to sign up for tours. I prefer to head to Tlaquepaque, a little south of there, to peruse the art galleries and home décor shops. With the feel of an authentic Mexican village, it’s a relaxing spot with cobblestone walkways, stone archways, fountains, flowers, and trees.

When visiting Sedona, it’s easy to be inspired by the spectacular red rock formations and feel a connection to nature. I recommend staying in a resort providing that same sense of beauty and tranquility. The Wilde Resort and Spa in Sedona does the trick.

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