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Wild and wonderful Wyoming in the heart of the American West beckons with its vast expanses of rugged beauty. Known for its iconic landscapes, the state is a tapestry of majestic mountains, sweeping prairies and meandering rivers.

Wyoming’s allure lies not only in its breathtaking scenery, but also in its rich history, where tales of pioneers, cowboys and Native American nations intertwine. As the least populous state in the nation, Wyoming embodies a sense of solitude and tranquility, inviting visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Whether exploring the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, traversing the winding trails of Yellowstone National Park, or experiencing the hospitality of its small towns, Wyoming captivates the adventurous spirit with its charm and natural wonders.

Visitors will now have the opportunity to experience ranch life on the 80,000-acre Paintrock Canyon Ranch in the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming, exploring the surrounding areas on horseback, fly fishing and hiking.

Outdoor adventure lovers can enjoy being as close to nature as possible with all the comforts of home staying in large, stylishly furnished, safari-style tents with full-size beds. All meals are prepared by a private chef and incorporate Ranchlands beef, local produce, and dairy whenever possible.

Safari tent at Paintrock Canyon Ranch.
Safari tent at Paintrock Canyon Ranch. Photo courtesy of Ranchlands.

Seasonal ranch vacations (running from May to September) include five and seven-night packages in Hyattville that include all meals, lodging and activities as visitors experience the varying ecosystems in the Paintrock Canyon. For example, guests can take a long canter to the top of Lumen Canyon or Courthouse Rock, spend the afternoon learning about the 2,000-year-old Native American petroglyphs at the Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site, or fly fishing in one of the many fishing holes near camp.

The 7-night Pack Trips give guests the opportunity to explore the Paintrock Canyon Ranch before heading into the backcountry of the Bighorn National Forest on horseback. Mountain camp is simple, but comfortable, based out of backpacking tents complete with the comforts of a hot shower and meals prepared by a private chef over a campfire.

“The goal is for guests at the Paintrock Canyon Ranch to leave with a deep understanding of the rich history of the area and the important role that ranching plays in restoring our natural resources, while exploring nooks and crannies that only a few people have ever seen,” Duke Phillips III, Founder of Ranchlands, said. “Days will be spent visiting surrounding lakes, hiking, and riding miles of trails, and riding out to the Ranchlands cow camp to spend the day with the ranch team. Evenings will be spent around the fire with new friends under a carpet of stars.”

Ranchlands is a family ranching business that owns and manages livestock operations in the American West with a mission to promote the conservation of rangelands, the ranching legacy and the quality of life for those living and working on ranches.

The beauty of Paintrock Canyon Ranch area.
The beauty of Paintrock Canyon Ranch area. Photo courtesy of Ranchlands.

The Paintrock Canyon Ranch headquarters is located at the western base of the Bighorn Mountains. The ranch’s range extends toward Cloud Peak, the highest mountain in the Bighorns, and is characterized by creeks, springs, meadows and canyon walls reaching thousands of feet above. The terrain changes from deep orange and burgundy sandstone hills to monolithic rock formations to high mountain meadows, pine forests and lakes.

“It is a stark contrast to the Chico Basin and Zapata Ranches, and is teeming with rich populations of elk, deer, turkey and bobcat,” Phillips III said. “Paintrock Creek, the largest aquifer coming from the Bighorns, is home to some of the best trout fly fishing in northern Wyoming.”

Zapata Ranch and Chico Basin Ranch have been welcoming guests for the past 24 years.

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